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Fine Arts Faculty & Administration

Administrative Office

The Fine Arts office is located at 25 East 13th Street, 5th floor, NY, NY 10003.
The office can be reached at parsonsfinearts@newschool.edu.


  • H. Lan Thao Lam, Assistant Professor, Co-Director MFA program, linpluslam.com
  • Lydia Matthews, Professor, Co-Director MFA program, lydiamatthews.com
  • Andrea Geyer, Associate Professor, andreageyer.info
  • Anthony Aziz, Professor, azizcucher.net
  • Catherine Telford Keogh, Assistant Professor, catherinetelfordkeogh.com
  • Selena Kimball, Associate Professor, Director BFA program, selenakimball.com
  • Sreshta Rit Premnath, Assistant Professor, sreshtaritpremnath.com
  • Simone Douglas, Associate Professor, simonedouglas.info
  • Avery Z. Nelson, Part-Time Faculty, www.averyznelson.com
  • Ezra Wube, Part-Time Faculty, www.ezrawube.net
  • Washington Cullen, Part-Time Faculty, www.cwashingtonstudio.com
  • Andrea Ray, Part-Time Faculty, www.andrearay.net
  • Jesse Chun, Part-Time Faculty, www.jessechun.com
  • Golnar Adili, Part-Time Faculty, golnaradili.com/home.html
  • Mira Schor, Part Time Faculty, miraschor.com
  • Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Part Time Faculty, phoenixlindseyhall.com
  • Yve Laris Cohen, Part Time Faculty, foundationforcontemporaryarts.org/recipients/yve-laris-cohen
  • Sara Jimenez, Part Time Faculty, sarajimenezstudio.com
  • Carrie Hawks, Part Time Faculty, maroonhorizon.com
  • Shellyne Rodriguez, Part Time Faculty, shellynerodriguez.com
  • Jonah Groeneboer, Part Time Faculty, www.jonahgroeneboer.com
  • Thom Donovan, Part-time Assistant Professor, whof.blogspot.com
  • Rania Lee Khalil, Part Time Faculty, ranialeekhalil.net
  • Sharmistha Ray, Part Time Faculty, sharmistharay.com/self/
  • Jessica Rankin, Part Time Faculty, whitecube.com/artists/artist/jessica_rankin
  • Helina Metaferia, Part Time Faculty, helinametaferia.com
  • Peter Rostovsky, Part Time Faculty, peterrostovsky.com
  • Saya Woolfalk, Part-time Lecturer, sayawoolfalk.com
  • LJ Roberts, Part-time Lecturer, ljroberts.net
  • Angel Nevarez, Part-time Faculty, http://www.nevareztevere.info/
  • Anthony Graves, Part-time Lecturer, camelcollective.org
  • Carrie Yamaoka, Part-Time Lecturer, carrieyamaoka.com
  • Terike Haapoja, Part-Time Lecturer, terikehaapoja.net
  • Shoshana Dentz, Part-time Lecturer, shoshanadentz.com
  • Lindsay Benedict, Part-time Lecturer, wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindsay_Benedict
  • Sammy Cucher, Part-time Assistant Professor, azizcucher.net
  • Kamrooz Aram, Part-Time Assistant Professor, kamroozaram.com
  • Neil Goldberg, Part-time Assistant Professor, neilgoldberg.com
  • Sowon Kwon, Part-time Assistant Professor, gallerysimon.com/Artists/Details/37
  • Shane Aslan Selzer, Part-time Assistant Professor, shaneaslanselzer.com
  • Lenore Malen, Part-time Assistant Professor, lenoremalen.com