Al Prexta

Artist Bio

Al lives in New York.

Facebook in the Arctic, 36 x 24 Acrylic, silkscreen on canvas

Cermak Chicago Center, 2018. 60 x 48 Acrylic, silkscreen on canvas

111 8th Avenue (Google Building), 2017. 78 x 52 Acrylic, silkscreen on canvas

Artist Statement

A lot of artwork today is still object based, despite the ubiquity of digital forms and the vast availability of cyberspace. Though nearly every work of mine begins by imagining what art in the internet age looks like or means, I invariably come up with a very analogue form of painting in acrylic and often using silkscreen. I consider the optics and psychology of viewing the work in person and with the digital counterpart (a camera phone, instagram) and attempt to render images that blur the boundaries of abstraction with photographic realism. For example, a recent series depicts architecture that is indiscernible to the eye but reveals itself through the camera. By working in this way I continue to question contemporary artists’ newly adopted entrepreneurial vocabulary that has birthed the idea of the aesthetic athlete and inspired artists into hyperproductivity and celebrity like online presences.