Francesca Fiore
Artist Bio

Francesca Fiore is an artistpoet whose research-based work investigates notions of kinship, intimacy, and memory. Her hybrid video, performance, and textual installations can be read as poems unfurling.

2017 MFA Fine Art Thesis Walkthrough- Francesca Fiore from Parsons Art, Media & Technology on Vimeo.

Frail Places, 2017. Video still.

Frail Places, 2017. Installation detail; found book and found text.

Frail Places, 2017. Installation detail; page from Frances Yates’ The Art of Memory and video still.

Artist Statement

Frail Places is a poem to a process.

We were born on the same day three years apart.

What does it mean to share a birthday/ a mother/ a face?

We asked ourselves this question. We were building a language together.
    Art and archaeology. Sisters as we are?

In the spring of 2008 we shared a stage: I/Antigone, She/Ismene.
               (There are traces of intimacy underneath.)

Excavate the text:
      Bagg, Braun, Brown, Carson, Ewans, Fagles, Fitts/Fitzgerald, Grene,
      Littman/Fainlight, Murray, Robinson, Roche, Rudall, Watling, Wertenbaker, Woodruff

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    The auditorium, Henderson High School, West Chester

I/Antigone, She/Ismene: A performance of our sisterhoods

Frail things in eternal places.
Giulio Camillo built a theater to contain all memory / all knowledge.
His theater was destroyed—his text never finished.