Melanie McCarthy

Love Table 1 - Found objects installation 2018

About a Disco - Found objects, wood and wire 2018

Hanging 4 - Mixed Media 2017

Love is the Only Reality - Installation 2017-18

Love is the Only Reality - Installation detail shot 2017/18

Love Exchange - Score and Recipe 2017

Love Exchange still life 1 - Oil on canvas, 2018

Flattened Orange - Found objects and Citrine 2017

Still from love Exchange video, 2017

Sunshine Exchange Fairy Skirt - Found fabric and image transfers, 2018

Artist Statement

My work seeks to discover the everyday through my love of ordinary objects. Through the use of found and gifted objects, I compose sculptures, mobiles, paintings and installations. My materials are sourced from collected trash off the streets, discarded wood and fabric scraps, thrift shops, and gathered pieces of nature that are taken for granted. My materials have a history of independence beyond my practice, enabling me to combine their previous narratives to create compositions that lend themselves to poetry and story-telling. Installation seeks to reveal to the viewer the unexpected connections between color and form that I find throughout my collecting process. My sculptures and mobiles exhibit the life of my materials that cannot be replicated in paint or photography but need to be experienced in space. Time consuming renderings of her objects in oil paint tell of a devotional relationship to her found materials.Through reexamining the value of the discarded, my process looks to dissolve the boundaries between still life and alter, subject to object, human to non-human, environment to self. Through means of collection, I weave the ordinary with the inward in order to create personal and subjective dreamscapes that are intimate to the artist and adaptable to the viewer.