Hali Nelson


Artist Statement

I Used to Call this Home is a body of oil paintings on canvas exploring the act of remembering. It consists of 3 large paintings and 5 small paintings. Each painting references a place in which the artist lived throughout their life, but rather than be a representation of those spaces, the images are a record of the experience and act of remembering, a painting of the gerund remembering rather than the noun memory. The works are hung in clusters throughout the space so that they are not all visible at one time. Thus, as the viewer moves through the gallery, they are confronted with rhymes and repetitions in the work that recalls itself and uses the gallery to create a space of remembering.

Artist Bio

Hali Nelson is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work explores what is real and what is true and what that actually means. She looks at these ideas through the lens of memory and is interested in teasing out the ways in which our memories of events, memories of memories, memories of stories and imagination weave together to an unstable foundation upon which we sit.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and her MFA from Parsons at The New School.