Xin Xin

Part-Time Faculty

Xin Xin is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and organizer currently making socially-engaged software that explores the possibilities of reshaping language and power relations. Through mediating, subverting, and innovating modes of social interaction in the digital space, Xin invites participants to relate to one another and experience togetherness in new and unfamiliar ways. As an artist and designer, their work has been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica, DIS, Gene Siskel Film Center, Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Machine Project. Most recently their project Togethernet was selected for the 2020 Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future Fellowship at Eyebeam. They are also an 2021 Art of Practice Fellow and Community Leader at the Sundance Institute. As an organizer, Xin co-founded voidLab, a LA-based intersectional feminist collective dedicated to women, trans, and queer folks. They were the Director for Processing Community Day 2019 and they serve on the advisory board for the Processing Foundation. Born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Massachusetts, United States. Xin identifies as a cross-cultural, non-binary, anarcho-feminist and will probably always have a genre-nonconforming practice. Xin received their M.F.A from UCLA Design Media Arts and teaches at Parsons School of Design as an Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design.