Rebecca Ou
Artist Bio

Rebecca Ou was born and raised in Singapore and later moved to Vancouver, Canada. She received a BFA (Hons) in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She works interdisciplinary in sculpture, performance and installation. She has presented her artistic production at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City, Red Gate and The Nest in Vancouver, BC.

Interior Stretch, Performance Documentation, 2018

Re-Balancing Act of Etiquettes (Act-iquettes), 2018, Metal, pantyhose, gloves,

Artist Statement

The body is a site where violence is placed. I am interested in the solidarity of bodies coming together through shared experiences of violence. With the increase in #metoo stories, I question my lived experience in the present now. The current environment of truth telling creates a power dynamic between teller and listener. Similarly, in my art, I navigate power structures with my work and viewers. A story can be forgotten but objects are experienced and remembered. I play with the expectations of viewers by using humor and the absurd and this is done so with pantyhose, kitchen rags and old textiles. I claim my story of sexual assault as a child through sculptural soft objects, installation, and costumes that are activated through performance. exploring the psychological effects of trauma that was placed on my body and reclaim lost power that my body experienced.