Andrés Martínez Ruiz
Artist Bio

Andrés Martínez Ruiz is a conceptual artist from Bogota, Colombia. He earned a BFA and an MFA in Fine Arts from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Colombia, the United States, Argentina, Germany, and Spain.

in-sub-or-di-nation, 2017, Intervention

Fall, 2017, Performance

Conspicuous Demonstration, 2017, Photography

They have never been my presidents, 2016, Performance

América, 2018, Installation

Artist Statement

My work inquires about the production and distribution of images of dissent: How are these images understood in the context of a globalized market? At what point do our acts of discordance become consumer goods? When is our insubordination assumed as a market niche and our rebellion becomes manufactured desire?