Shiqi Luo

Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist, born in Wuhan in 1998 and currently based in New York. I am currently exploring soft sculpture installations primarily using pantyhose material. My childhood experiences of multiple surgeries and seven years of training in traditional Chinese dance have made me deeply interested in the body itself––its natural, soft, fragile yet resilient qualities. In shaping my artwork, I pay attention to the rhythm and cadence within its aesthetics. At times, I feel as though my artwork becomes an extension of my body, offering me multidimensional interaction with space.


My primary focus centers around feminism and class control. Pantyhose is my main artistic material. Pantyhose, with its soft, fragile, hazy, and beautiful qualities, easily creates illusions, representing women as a second skin, whether their own or shed. I manipulate stockings by stretching, cutting, or knotting them, then pinning them to create beautiful scars. I find the soft material remaining still under immense pressure to be beautiful, and this intense sense of tearing attracts me.


In my artwork, I use pantyhose and nails to reshape these beautiful scars. Different people will have different interpretations, which is why I choose abstract forms. Each person’s experience is unique. Through fragmented stockings bearing scars, I reconstruct a world, treating it as a brush to mold the world anew. Its shape is sharp, appearing fluid, full of rhythm and melody. It is an abstract world brimming with emotion.

Artist Bio

Susie Luo’s (b.1998, Wuhan) childhood, marked by multiple surgeries and near-death experiences, deepened her perception of life. Seven years of dance training and ten years of traditional painting experience have heightened her self-awareness, with art illuminating her life during solitary moments. From 2017 to 2021, she studied traditional painting and technology art at the China Academy of Art. From 2022 to 2024, she studied at Parsons the New School for Design, focusing on painting and soft sculpture installation art. Her primary themes revolve around the body, femininity, race, environmental migration, and emotional flux, utilizing stretchable materials such as stockings to create a series of works.