jax gilliam

Artist Statement

healing is at the root of jax’s practice: they focus on the places that need healing within themself, the timespace they tie themself to, the people they intertwine with. jax creates with those they love in their heart. through altars or recipes or performance or _____ or… jax analyzes what it is their eyes rest on. they believe the gift of healing happens through rest so their practice is a restful one. descending from Black and Boricua lineages, the generational gifts of knowledge jax has gained are all tethered to food. having struggled in the past with disordered eating habits, they believe that food can be a source of trauma as well as a source of healing. their process is akin to cooking; they are making something to digest. jax incites action through their work. the movement of bodies is the blood of their practice. as
a former dancer, jax considers the relationship between art and the body a form of healing through motion. while they cycle through these states of healing, digesting, and dancing in life, their art mirrors these states. these modes are what they are working in for now. everything is subject to change. and everything is circular.

the questions swirling in their mind are:

where do we heal?
where do we seek refuge?
where do we rest?
how do we reclaim ourselves in a state of violent looking?
how do we protect ourselves in a surveillance state?
how do we rest our eyes?
how do we heal?
how do we rest?
how much can our body hold?
how does trauma sit in our body?
how do we hold the weight of violent histories in our body?
what tactics can we invoke to move through the active and passive trauma in our body?
what is our body?
what is being fed to us?
what are we eating?
what hand is feeding us?
what hand must we bite?
what land are we tied to?
what land intertwines us?
what does accountability look like?