On behalf of the Class of 2020, I would like to share some important acknowledgements.

A special thanks to my faculty colleagues, Lan Thao Lam and Lydia Matthews, for their generous contributions as thesis Coordinators this year, and to independent curator Stamatina Gregory, for working so thoughtfully with the students during this difficult time.

This online presentation would not have been possible without the contributions of our dedicated students:

  • Catalog Committee: Rhea Chang, Java Jones, jess saldaña, Kaili Smith, Coraline Weng
  • PR: Kaetan Bonli, Paloma Rosenzweig Castillo, Lydia Crouse, Caroline Garcia, Luna Jiang, John Holland, Tania Khouri, Snow Ye
  • Fundraising & Budget Committee: Collyn Ahrens Aubrey, Sidi He, Josephine Lee, Laurel Richardson, Rae Lavande Pellerin, Michael Rose

A big thanks to our designer, Jack Rieger, who worked closely with the students on this project; and to Ava Kershbaumer, who assisted us in the final steps. 

My heartfelt thanks to MFA students Josephine Lee and Rae Lavande Pellerin, who served as class representatives during this past year.

My deep gratitude goes to all my part-time faculty colleagues who taught in the MFA program this past year, with such dedication and care: Shane Selzer, Saya Woolfalk, Kamrooz Aram, Jessica Rankin, Neil Goldberg, Tom Butter, Kira Nam Greene, Shoshana Dentz, Ester Partegas, Sowon Kwon, Jane Philbrick, Zach Fabri, Helina Metaferia, Peter Rostovsky, Rania Khalil, Lenore Malen, Ben Brown, Sammy Cucher, Terike Haapoja, Sharmistha Ray, Thom Donovan, Emma Hedditch, Jonah Groeneboer, Mira Schor, Lauren O’Neill Butler, Stamatina Gregory, Phoenix Lindsay Hall, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Carrie Yamaoka, LJ Roberts, and EV Day. I admire you all!

Barb Campagnoni, Nathan Carter, Damien Vera, Lori Mafucci, Andrea DiStefano, Hashem Eaddy and all the Making Center staff cannot be thanked enough for the dedication and support they have provided our students over the years. 

My gratitude also goes to Ramon Mussenden and the many facilities staff who work tirelessly on the upkeep of our studios — your hard work is deeply appreciated.  

The Fine Arts program is grateful to our AMT Program Manager Hien Dinh, who has worked tirelessly on the innumerable details that go into running our program. Thank you for all that you do! And thank you to the entire AMT Admin team who have supported our students this year. Our Fine Arts student worker, Lilian Stafford, cannot be thanked enough and I congratulate her on graduation from Parsons/ADHT this year.

I also want to thank Quizayra Gonzalez, Niki Kriese and Yasi Ghanbari for working so closely with the students and faculty to make the year such a success.

And last but not least, I am grateful to Professor Simone Douglas who was program director from 2009-2019, and to all my full-time faculty colleagues:  Professors Andrea Geyer, Selena Kimball, Lan Thao Lam, Lydia Matthews, and Rit Premnath, for their pedagogy, wisdom and support in running the MFA Fine Arts program — it is truly a team effort. Thank you also to our AICAD faculty Fellows, Matthew Villareal and Mev Luna — your insights and pedagogy this year have been much appreciated by students and faculty alike. 

And finally, I want to extend special gratitude to our new Executive Dean, Rachel Schreiber, and School Dean, Anne Gaines, for guiding us through these extraordinarily challenging times with such grace and fortitude.

Onwards and upwards. 

Anthony Aziz, Professor
Interim Program Director, MFA Fine Arts