Lucas Perez
Artist Bio

Lucas Pérez is an artist and calligrapher who examines concepts around practice in his painting, video, and performance works.

2017 MFA Fine Art Thesis Walkthrough- Lucas Perez from Parsons Art, Media & Technology on Vimeo.

Eight Years of Calligraphy Practice: Mastery on a table, 2016 Japanese ink on rice paper.

Throwing away eight years of calligraphy practice (video still), 2017

The Blankness of Mastery, 2017 oxidized silver leaf, DayGlo pigment and deer skin glue on hemp paper over panel.

Artist Statement

In March of 2017, after seven years of testing, I became a Shihan, or Master-Teacher in the Shosenbu Calligraphy group of Nagoya, Japan. When I started studying calligraphy, I wondered how many practice sheets it would take to become master. Could I fit them all on a single table? I collected them for eight years and it turns out that I could; I could fit “mastery” on a table. Afterward, I felt the need to become blank: to disappear my earlier writings: to start over. In the video entitled: “Throwing away eight years of calligraphy” (2017) you see me putting these practice sheets down the trash shoot of my building.

I wanted to find a single “imperfect” mark that could express the blankness of mastery I had discovered by disposing of this past. I found the mark in a single horizontal calligraphic stroke written in a queer neon color. It’s the glyph for the unification of my practice, but it’s also a bold proclamation of an idealogical descent from the history of calligraphy.
The work consists of two parts: the video of me throwing away my practice sheets, displayed on an iPad; and “The blankness of mastery” mark in Day-Glo pigment and deerskin glue on an antique silver-leafed six-panel folding screen (c. 1950).