Hea-Mi Kim

My Little Flower (Video still) 2018

Video, Running Time 03:39, 2018 (Vimeo TBD)

Artist Statement

My practice brings to light the discourse of otherization and how these stereotypes manifest everyday life. I work through the conscious act of searching and archiving by making videos from sourced material. By doing so, I am using this deposited archive as a form of curated yet truthful recitation. Mainstream media attempts to represent reality, and these ruptures between life and artifice is why I am so drawn to voraciously sourcing online media. I play with existing associations the viewer already possesses by adding or overlaying them with my own interpretations. By cutting and splicing together different forms of mass media, I hope to reveal sexism, racism, and objectification. This raises perplexing questions on narratives dealing with social hierarchy in the context of race and gender. My research process is akin to this idea of coercive mimeticism in which an individual feels the need to simulate their own ethnicity as a response to Western social pressure. Through research on case studies, mainstream media representations, source analysis, and real life experiences, I attempt to reveal the consequences of living as an Asian woman in America. In Are You Chinese?, I looked at real life interracial dating and marriage data in comparison Hollywood’s portrayal of Asian women who are often characterized as exotic, hypersexual, and obedient to the white male protagonist. Due to growing up in a primarily white community, I was exposed early on to the consequences of feeling alienated.