Paulina Kim Joo
Artist Bio

Paulina Kim Joo (1990, Chile).
Graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2013). Currently is completing a MFA in Fine Arts at Parsons, NY (2018).
Lives in Brooklyn, NYC. Geek & photographer. Runs a blog, that sometimes is in english y otras en español.

06. The Imaginary Color. 2017 Digital photography

The Traveller 2017. Attire made by the artist.

Documentation of attire with Anna Parisi. Assisted by Alex Salerno.

Cucumbers. 2018. Still from video film.

The Old Capital. 2017. Installation.

Artist Statement

Visual artist creating artifacts, invented gods, artificial landscapes and narration through installation, video and photography.
Born and raised in Chile from South Korean parents who are part of a diaspora and drastic cultural changes in the peninsula that took place in the 70s.
The work develops melancholy for a hometown that could never be visited; lost in time and in what we call development. It is a unusual way of documentation of family oral tradition and a way of understanding the cultural rupture that happened between immigration and globalization. Meditates in the lost of tradition and origin.