Gal Cohen
Artist Bio

Gal Cohen is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Israel, she received a BFA in Fine Arts from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, followed by Gender Studies in Tel-Aviv University. Cohen participated in residencies, solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Canada, France and the US. Among them are Spring/Break Art Show 2018 (NY), Bluewolf 2017 (NY), Camac residency (France), The Artist Project (Toronto), Hanina Gallery (TLV) among others. Cohen is the recipient of the Bluewolf scholarship in 2017, NY.

A study of memory, 2018, oil, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 72x69 in

Where Was Batman? 2018, oil, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 81x60 In

Untitled, 2018, Oil on canvas, wall paint, c print on aluminum board, 60x36 In

Not For Sale, 2017, oil, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 20x16 In

Before/After, 2017, Installation in three parts, oil and enamel on canvas, 62x47 In

A study of Ruins, 2017, digital collage, size varies

Ruins of Goldenberg House, 2017, oil on canvas, 20x16 In

Untitled, 2017, acrylic and ink on paper, wall painting, 8x8x6 In

Untitled, 2017, Enamel and acrylic on board, 30x20 In

Goldenberg House, 2017, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 86x62 In

Artist Statement

My main mediums are painting and installation. I act on the delicate balance and integration between formal matters of painting, and external subject matters coming from my urge to respond to today’s political and social climate. Built on overlapping layers, my paintings are constructed by coexistence of contrasts; figuration and abstraction, the damaged and the sterile, the organic and the geometric. They are all layered up to imply the evasive, often manipulative nature of how a narrative is being generated. Based on erasure, personal history, collective memory, and ideology. Each layer is countering the one before, thus creating a palimpsest of lost narratives that echoes matters of oppression and transparency in contemporary society.