Sofia Yeganeh

Artist Statement

Art is about a topic of an idea, and therefore exposing those ideas through a visual outcome,

color and shape and composition produces a certain style and mood to the image, this is how I

produced a visual outcome to communicate a certain concept or idea that I expose through Fine

Art. I have chosen to produce a body of work inspired by personal space, and how personal

space can reflect and evoke characteristics of a person without using them in an image.

Furthermore, I use intimate objects and the way a person curates their space to evoke a sense of

personality. Using images, I have taken from friends living spaces, I aim to capture the essence

of a character through the way they live in a space. Moreover, I collage the images in the

background and use acetate layered on the foreground with drawings of the personal space.

Furthermore, the use of acetate evokes the translucent quality I am presenting to the viewer,

allowing the viewer to consider this private and personal space.

Initially the inspiration for the body of work was my interest in the way a person portrays

themselves, this can range from the way a person dresses, speaks, the way they stand or walk.

However, I found myself specifically attracted to the personal space a person lives in, and how

your home or virtually everything there is what it is and where is because of something you did.

Wither it is a family photo pinned on the fridge, or even a book which was one at time read every

day, now pushed back of the shelf, but most importantly not thrown out. All these little details

reflect your personality.