Laure Hocine


No dimensions
Text Message

Found & Cared For

36 x 24 inch
Print on Silk


12 x 36 inch
Print on Paper


No dimensions

Screenshot of an online work named “Suite” and where the audience can click its way through a series of pages.

One Image Long

Played on a 9 inch Sony Monitor
2:08 min

Install view

A Long Ride For Me & an Even Longer One For this Four Year Old

Played on a 9 inch Sony Monitor
2:01 min

Artist Declaration or SANDcastles a Resonable Practice

No dimensions
Text work

The Glass of Water You Drown In

55 x 36 inch

Artist Statement

I for long tried to refuse the limit of time and distance; why not just live in your happiest moment forever and why not keep at arms reach all those you love. We have all experience the stretch of time and its obliteration- it is the ability to bound and unbound ourselves.


To make sense of this sentiment in my work, I play with the distortion of objects to bring them to the scale of geology.


My work often starts on the Internet, as webpages narrating – by text, image or interaction — this “mal du siècle” or more colloquially

that “car ridesickness” an extend time experiencing

motions we do not comprehend. I resorted to

the digital for its malleable scale, less physically

demanding, because of just the strength of your finger

can introduce spaces that can come closer to the

infinitely small/big within the same frame.


I worked earlier on the feeling of void and

information hunger of being bound genetically

to a place you have never encountered geographically.

The audience was to arrived on a web page where

laid an upside down mappemonde. They then had

the possibility to reach through pages , displaying

reports of both cultural and natural phenomenon

caught by satellite.


_Their reception has both failed_


The cultural material is ungraspable,

always veiled by the natural force of the

the geographical location of the region– sandstorms.


The geographic zone is obscured,

the national borders might be traced under it,

what else is unseen?