Anna Parisi
Artist Bio

Anna Parisi is a Brazilian artist based in Brooklyn. She earned a BA in communications from Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RJ) and is currently a second-year Parsons Fine Arts MFA candidate. Anna has exhibited in Brazil, the United States and Europe.

Artist Statement

Brazilian artist based in Brooklyn working with sculpture and performance. My steel sculptures investigate the traumatic erasure of black and historically oppressed bodies in a Brazilian context. The rust stands as a metaphor for the structural violence afflicting racialized bodies; the natural process of corrosion differs from the experience that these bodies endure as of their first encounter with Othering. I expedite the corrosion of metal to reveal layers of violence, oppression, and neglect – and with that, deconstruct racism by pushing the material into decomposition. I am interested in exploring resistance to structural violence through gestures that would dismantle racial hegemonies and create dialogue between African Diasporas.