Pauline Rossignol
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Artist Statement

Pauline Rossignol is a trans-disciplinary artist. Her work is based on her understanding of the information that defines one individual through the lens of memory, history and archiving, while taking into account the environment and context of the field of exploration. Her work celebrates the richness of family narratives and stories by playing with the politics of memory and challenging the idea of truth́ or fact, represented through objects and narrations.

Recently focusing her research on French colonialism, coming from a family that lived in the French colonies in Algeria and left around the time of the independence.

This new iteration of the work ‘Dislocated Conversations’ aims to deal, through the personal lens, with the high stakes concepts of colonialism, historical representation, and the transmission or occlusion of history within the ecosystems of family. Inviting the audience to follow her investigation through the personal in relation to communal historiographies materialized in the post-colonial context.

She has been transcribing those research into a multi channel installation layered onto a tea bags screen. The dialogue established between the projected image and the screen made of tea bags (a reference to the shared moments with her family as she interviewed them on the memories they have about this subject) aims to create a third space in which the stories can be materialized.

Artist Bio

Pauline Rossignol is a trans-disciplinary artist. Born in the US, she grew up in Paris, then graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) with a Bachelor of Fine Art and is a future Master of Fine Art graduate from Parsons, The New School of design in New York. She is the assistant manager of the Domus Artist Residency since its opening in 2019.