Wu WangShu

Marking Time

Marking Time, 2019, Oil Paint on Canvas, 12 in x 26 in

A series of twelve paintings, 5 in x 5 in each

This series of paintings serves as a marker to record the time that flows every day. The size and color of the canvas will vary according to the different weather,
temperature, mood, state, etc. of the day. The number of dots on the canvas does not change. It is 25 horizontally and vertically, and the total is 100.

Red and Blue

A series of four paintings, 5 in x 5 in each

As an experiment, using different materials and methods, such as scratching, dripping, different mediums, etc., to create changing surfaces

Numerous Cubes, 2020, Oil Paint on Canvas and Wood Panel, 10 in x 46 in

A series of four paintings, 10 in x 10 in each

Unordered, 2020, Oil Paint on Canvas, 23 in x 36 in

A series of three paintings, 9 in x 10 in two smaller paints, 12 in x 23 in blue paint

WWS Game World, 2020, Video

Green Screen, After Effects, Premiere
This video work shot with a green screen as the background and edited through after effects and premiere. This work is inspired by the family computer game in the
1990s and the animation Rick and Morty. The game video tells my friends and me to experience different unrealistic, virtual adventures, reaching the destination
through different despair dimensions. This is not a real participatory game, but a game video. It is also a recollection of childhood memories.


Time, 2021, Performance and Video


Silk Fabric, Chinese Ink, Laser Light, Camera
This is a performance composed of painting and video. The work captures the direction of light. The light in the film moves in the form of the "time" in the oracle bone
inscriptions. With each stroke of the light, the ink will be used to draw the light's route on the silk fabric until the light completes the spatial route of the time.

Artist Statement

Painting is marking time. Video work is making time and bringing lives to the time. 

My philosophy is about exploring time and space and understanding humanity. The artwork explains how time and space are used in painting, video  making, installation, and mixing these three. The central aim is to extend the concept of time translation into space. The flexibility of using juxtaposition  of lines, dots, shapes, colors, rare combinations, or special arrangements to convey the fleeting feeling for experimental purposes. Replace the subject  with geometries. This is my unique way of recording, observing, and exploring every day and resisting time. And I am trying to create “the instantaneous  feel of the cosmos.” The numbers on such paintings alter constantly. For example, I typically choose the size for the canvas based on the moment. So, if  it is 18:15, it’s 18×15 inches long for my canvas. Like a rainbow, color and pattern vary according to climate. Via sustained observation, the variations  become apparent and perceive the light which appears to emanate from the work.