Amrita Vohra

new [World], 2022

Projected installation

Portal, 2022

Acrylic paint, canvas, 24” x 36”

Wall, 2021

Digital collage, projected, 8 feet x 5.5 feet

Wall (Detail), 2021

Digital collage, projected, 8 feet x 5.5 feet

Gate (video still), 2021

Color HD Video installation and sculpture made of cotton, plywood, 6 feet x 4 feet

Interior Choreo (video still), 2022

Color HD Video installation

Exterior Choreo (video still), 2022

Color HD Video installation

Artist Statement

Engaging in a criticism of space, my practice studies mapping and presents it through multi- channel installations. I experiment with iterations of scale and magnification, using architecture and cells as my points of entry. To this end, I invite the viewer into a portal for reprieve, free from the visual remnants of capitalism, racist borders and classist dogma. Instead, they are greeted by an alternative Eden of light, color and sound, where blueprints dance with microbial orbs and flags for make-believe nations wave to the wails of hypnotic drone calls. 

I am compelled by both the physical and metaphorical representations of space. I abstract these references, stripping them of banality and transforming them into experimental mixed media works. Examples include analyses of bacteria, walls made of moss and choreographies of architecture. My work unearths the volatile politics of space through the process of speculative mapping. This process has prompted the development of a generative visual lexicon that now defines my artistic identity. 

The histories of phenomenology and minimalism have been integral to my research so far. They have inspired me to find nuance in simplicity and explore how the soul – a moving ineffable – navigates the corporeal and phenomenal world. 

While iterative, my practice remains contemplative and open ended – there is an intended reliance on intuition and an advocacy for speculation, trusting the space and engaging abstraction’s hypnotic quality. I have been testing the formal limits of scale, shape, light, color and sound, to curate spaces that feel ephemeral and unpredictable, where everyone belongs.