August Blum

Accretion, 2021

Cyanotype on Arches platine paper, 8 ½ x 11 ½, 13” x 17” framed.

Pacific Sea Nettle (After Williams) 2021.

16mm film transferred to video, 2:30.

The Origin I, II, 2021

Albumen print, 10” x 14”, 15” x 19” framed.

Covenant I, 2021

Archival inkjet print, 45” x 60”

Covenant II, 2021

Archival inkjet print, 34” x 60”

Covenant III, 2021

Archival inkjet print, 18” x 60”

Covenant IV, 2021

Archival inkjet print, 24” x 60”

Artist Statement

Through a practice that expands the boundaries of both photography and filmmaking, I seek to examine how a portrait can be reconstructed to acknowledge, break, as well as push the traditional norms of portraiture. I am interested in examining our relationship towards the natural world and presenting this exchange as a conceptual and symbolic act of representation. The premise of my cumulative practice seeks to delve into the surrounding relationship between natural phenomena in order to examine impermanence, artifice, nature, and human made conglomerations. I am interested in how we differentiate the illusory systems of what is human made, yet appears to stem from the natural world, versus what is artificial and fragmented, but originates from nature. These methods of perception are filled with ambiguity and confusion, particularly when fed through the photographic apparatus, a system reliant on truth telling, as well as deception. I dive deeply into each phenomenon I am exploring to investigate the original sources, origins, mythologies, and symbolism surrounding each entity. I use a system of accretion to collect a diverse set of materiality and thought processes that aligns with each integral element I am exploring, an action of tracing and looping the thread back towards the beginning.