Madison Valdez

Handed the Hill

March 2021
5x8 inches
A self collected poetry book personifying yearning.

Handed The Hill [audiobook]

March 2021
40 minutes
through the recording of these words voiced out, heard are the stories of an eager and
impatient longing, awaiting its arrival.

my route, another sun

April 2021
20 minutes
warped is our memory, true is the frequencies we pair them to. told by way of sound
bending, mixing layers in burying the voice and bringing it to its surface, here reveal
the journey of a story’s immortality.

Handed The Hill [video reflection]

April 2021
5 minutes
showing the book physically in motion, hearing the ambient parts of it. here is where
the purpose of the book lies, encouraging to show movement with and the engagement
of conversation.


April 2021
Sculpture **to be fully realized**
Fully wrapped in fabric, with a speaker {playing sound piece} having a fan inside to
replicate breathing’s rhythm.

Artist Statement

lenses n lenses… a stories time n then som, 

writing to move the sand a lil bit more, make a circle to see its depth how it sinks n spins in order to turn 

telling, for being in these nows 

inside to go out and see face to eye, a constants message 

the essence of my work is in a state of no real end. 

i use poetry through the multiple lenses of video, sound, drawing, to tell stories. to recount these i use music, and my past as my source. 

the point i begin from is with the thought of the following piece as a continuum. a story just like the one before, a rhythm that begins from the last chorus. 

the tensions i work with are the inner/outer, the hidden/apparent. what i reveal in my work is like an unrushed moment. it travels thoroughly and is on its way all ways.