Paloma Jimenez
Artist Bio

Paloma Jimenez was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Vassar College in 2014 with a BA in Studio Art before moving to New York City. She was a 2017 recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture award.

My Interior Designer Moved to Las Vegas. 2018. Ceramics, glaze, wood, latex paint, joint compound. 45.5”x16”x16”

The John. 2017. Toilet bowl cleaner, brass waste pipe, plaster, latex paint, ceramic tiles, grout, plywood. 51”x24”x24”

Push Button to Dispense Water. 2018. Ceramic, glaze, joint compound, acrylic paint, planter. 36”x12”x12”

When the Dust Settles. 2017. Sawdust, wood glue, Celluclay, wire. 36.5”x22”x20.5”

Commerce City. 2018. Concrete, ceramic, glaze. Dimensions variable.

Hitchhiker. 2017. Concrete, plaster, latex paint, litter. 29”x14”x7”

Artist Statement

I work with the philosophical potential of common materials and everyday scenarios. My sculptures summon tactile memories by reexamining the objects of everyday life, both past and present. In 2014 I was hit by a dump truck, so I began to think about the relationship between human timelines and waste. The production of waste in all forms is a daily occurrence, an American habit. A thrift store is a museum of capitalist consumption. I often use discarded or found materials and combine them with more gestural forms to create a merging of the organic and the mass produced, pointing towards a future where material boundaries begin to blur.

Ultimately, my work is about water, food, and shelter.