Victoria Wang

Artist Statement

Most of my works contain elements such as fabric, textiles, and yarn — the themes for my works surrounded by childhood memories. I couldn’t make any of my own decisions while growing up because my familys always planned out what they thought was right for me. Although, I know everything is coming from love, those memories keep holding me back to enjoy a better relationship with him like others.

These fabrics and tools represent bad memories that I want to express through manipulating them into unsolvable knots. Each textile that I create in my works symbolizes the complicated relationship between my family and I. As for those transparencies and negative space that I created in my works are the desire of communicating with my family. By the monochromatic colors that I have chosen, they show the moments where I lose my mind and start losing my sight of the future. Most of my wearable pieces require the help of others to put on. This becomes symbolic of my desire to feel supported and understood. Just like putting on one of my garments, a functional relationship requires cooperation and understanding from both parties. Making art is one way to express my feelings. By interacting with mediums, I feel every little emotion of them, meshing up my own experiences into pieces.