Shenyuan Ke
Artist Bio

website:, contact information:keshenyuan@gmail.comI am an independent artist and visual designer, you can find my work at or contact me through

Toy, ink 2017

Toy, hot glue 2017

Toy, yarn 2017

Toy, candle 2017

Toy, yarn 2017

Toys, 2017

Toy, plaster 2017

Artist Statement

My work is focused on the subject of the Chinese female, especially after the One Child Policy. I use sculptural installation to express this subject by using my own old children’s toys and multiple materials like fabric, yarn, and text. I have selected toys as my primary material because in China a lot of little girls don’t have any brothers or sisters. Instead, the toy has become their closest friends, brothers, and sisters, and they share memories with these objects. Furthermore, I bind these objects, often with yarn, as a way to repeat existing systems of control and protection of Chinese girls. Most of my work is an expression of the feeling of being controlled and the exploration of how people might be able to understand women as independent, individual subjects instead of through the more traditional roles they play in society. While I do not believe that the One Child Policy was wrong during its period of implementation, I want to explore how it changes people’s thinking. This policy has changed ways of treating women and shown how important women really are in society. Now, as a very young artist, I continue to try to explore this idea deeply using different forms to do this work and experiment to find my own language in the art world.