Fiona McCormac

Untitled, 2018

Metal, acrylic, PVC, motor, food coloring, bed sheet

Pill Blanket, 2019

Pill capsules, fabric, medical documents, mattress pad, pillow

Untitled, 2019

Mattress pad, rope

Untitled, 2019

Shower curtain, rope, food coloring, water, thread, caulk, alginate, toilet paper, wood, knife, motor, pulley

Pill Machine, 2019

Pill capsules, paper, salt, found paper towel dispenser

Flesh House, 2019

Metal, wood glue, wire

Artist Statement

Sculptures, installations, and machines along with performance address the dysfunction of institutions, specifically medical and educational systems, and my personal positionality within them. With constant friction between dependence or resistance, my ambivalent orientation as a queer/sick body within these systems becomes a potential site of play for my work. The instability I experience within an apathetic system manifests as a lexicon of fragmented materiality and mechanical happenings, challenging my viewer to question their own bodily boundaries when confronted with an ambiguous environment. While the mediums I work within are constantly in flux, recurring themes in my work include creating through failure, experimenting with the inadequacy language, and using liminal boundaries as a site for possibility.