Isabel Sakura

Headset for viewing VR music video care and comforting, 2018 cardboard VR headset, cigarette wrappers, foil, bubble wrap, cds, mirror, glitter flakes

Still from 2 Channel video lost_my, 2017 , 14min 4.

Installation shot lost_my, 2017 , 2 channel sound + video installation *VR video*, 14 m (loop)

Installation shot lost_my, 2017 , 2 channel sound + video installation *VR video*, 14 m (loop)

Artist Statement

My process is involved in the collection of materials which I remix together to make multimedia works involving music, video, performance, fashion and sculpture. I explore materiality and conventions around performance of femininity, cuteness and affect through voice, image, and body in my video and installation works. I commonly work with fibers, found/discarded objects, domestic items, beauty products, film, and my collection of sounds. I am currently working on my debut album lovesick which will be released along with video, performance and installation works.

I am interested in the transformation of material through fantasy and resourcefulness. I learned to make the things that I couldn’t buy, and began creating through fashion along with music. I eventually began creating video/performance and installation works which incorporate elements of songwriting as well as fashion in the form of costume, in a more immersive look into sakuradaijin’s world. I am inspired by music videos, films and soundtracks, diy fashion/culture, messes, trash, cuteness and feelings. My work is informed by pleasure, dependency and trauma, mediated through screens, space and networks, which I relate to my visual and sonic memory and aspiration toward femme idolization.