Kaiyu Huang

a song oil on wood 6"x6"

landlord oil on wood 14"x11"

meeting oil on wood 13"x16"

boxer with nipples oil on wood 9.5"x12"

jumping oil on canvas 60"x50"

man in front of dad oil on wood 6"x7"

lady oil on canvas 6"x6"

running oil on wood 9.5"x12"

winning oil on canvas 50"x40"

Artist Statement

The relationship between the function of an image and the consequences in perception interests me—the possibilities an image could generate when serving a purpose other than the image itself, both intentionally or accidentally. We can find these images in news, instructions, scientific documentation and so forth. What narrative can one come up with when confronting an odd image without a given context? What does a viewer tend to read and ignore? What could be happening in a picture despite the given narrative? These questions are offering me a challenge to manipulate this image in a different way, like how Will puts: finding clarity through ambiguity.