Earl Fox

Anti-object no. 2 2020

Etching 6 x 9”

Exercise no. 1, 2020

Rope, Boots, Bicycle helmet
Performance where the participant dons the artist’s boots and attempts to lift themselves off the ground using only their own weight.

Consolation prize for the untranslated masterworks of non-written literature, 2019

installation comprised of 9 cardboard and plaster tablets, acrylic paint, enamel paint, charcoal, graphite powder and pen.
Tabl et dimensions, 8” x 10”.
Hanging shelf is 8 ft

Gray Hole (language), 2019

Variable painting installation
Acrylic, Natural dye, graphite, marble dust on melamine panels
total height approximately 4 ft

Artist Statement

My art sits at the edge of incoherence, in an attempt to achieve a universality which transcends medium, style, language and form. The work I create has no center, no guiding lines and no overarching themes. I am a builder, painter, destroyer, a person, who focuses on intersections between painting and sculpture, thinking and doing, self and other. I am interested in difference. Difference from one object to the next, one space to the next, and from one person to the next. I occupy this space between, with the goal of creating something that cannot be easily defined.