From the Director - Parsons Fine Arts

Art Matters

The BFA Fine Arts studios, located at 25 East 13th Street, form a maze-like structure where separate universes coexist in close proximity; where things are not so much made as broken down and made anew, only to be broken down again; where private meets public and where the accidental gives rise to the intentional.

Reflecting the larger mission of the Fine Arts program, this is a profoundly experimental space where the unpredictable is not only permitted but also expected, where the idiosyncratic is given a home and where lasting friendships and communities are forged.

We pride ourselves on being able to support a diversity of modes, methodologies and points of view, with students working across and between traditional techniques and media. Some are exploring autobiographical narratives and deeply personal issues through form and abstraction, while others are engaged with pressing social issues such as Islamaphobia, gender identity, and race.

What unites these individual projects is the urgency to define a singular artistic position, one that has been guided by and cultivated by a group of extraordinary Fine Arts faculty members who have helped challenge each of you to re-think, re-imagine and subvert.

This online catalog and related exhibition mark the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one.  Seen together, the projects assembled here are the voice of a generation, and the world is waiting to see where you will take that voice. Each of you entered the Parsons as a young student with enormous potential and you are now graduating as a mature, practicing artist.

Go! Give shape to your world.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018.
Anthony Aziz, Professor
Program Director, BFA Fine Arts