Nicole Wang

Artist Statement

My practice is an accumulating representation of Aporia. Aporia is a state where logic fails to conjunct, a state of constant questioning and hesitating. I found this Aporetic state is deeply relatable to my internal phase. Through the overwhelming amount of information and its highly fragmented nature, I found myself cornered into a place of intellectual paralysis. The experiences I encountered enriched me, but also paralyzed me. 

For this project, I intend to build a visual archive that encompasses mundane experiences. I gain inspirational resources from daily life experience, such as personal travel stories, news stories of the day, stories from people close to me. Through small pieces of sketch done by ink, or larger drawings painted on transparent acetate, I gradually form an emerging visual archive. The acetate is an intermediate surface which captures the remembering process of the experiences, but it is also the surface which I can process and transform the work further into printmaking to further solidify the experience of living. To me, the repetitive process of re-drawing and tracing abstracted the time within the image, and the re-composition of the drawings abstracted the space within the image. The internal landscape can only be expressed justly with the absence of the objective measurements such as time and space. 

By sharing the phenomenological surroundings of my life in an open and vulnerable manner, I accumulate a prosaic framework representing the state of Aporia.