Ella Emhoff

Chore Coat, 2020

Merino Wool, Acrylic, and Cotton Yarns
24” x 28”

Swimming Bonnet, 2021

Merino Wool
9” x 12”

Ella Bunny Vest, 2021

Merino wool
17” x 18”

Dog Bonnet, 2020

Merino Wool
8” x 15”

Ella Swan Vest, 2021

Merino Wool
23” x 24”

Half Stripe Hat, 2021

Merino Wool
6” x 10”

Artist Statement

Creating knitwear and textile pieces is soothing to me in a way which allows me to handle the hard themes of childhood/adolescents that I am exploring. Using techniques like machine knitting, crochet, and hand knitting I create a variety of knitwear pieces such as sweater vests, pants, and various headpieces inspired by my adolescent diary and different relics that I have saved. Most all of my work uses a lot of contrasting pastel colors along with sweet or childish imagery that are only enhanced by the softness of the yarn I use to create a world of color. For my most recent work though that color and childlike wonder is being contrasted with the reality of the childhood that I am trying to recreate for myself now as I grow.