Millie Weeks

Everything Must Go 23x23 in. Oil pastel, Oil stick, pencil on wood

Junk Dirt 36x48 in. Spray paint, oil pastel, marker, paper, dirt on wood

Ladder Training 24x48 in. Spray paint, marker, oil pastel, oil stick on wood

. My Grandfather Was A Granddaddy Longlegs 24x36 in. Acrylic, oil stick on canvas

This is Prime Real Estate 29x32 in. Oil pastel, marker, acrylic, gesso, thread on canvas

Unknown World And I’m Just Living In It 20x21 in. Oil pastel, gesso, thread on canvas

Artist Statement

When I paint, I am solely focused on the innate and physical act of painting. Being very hands on with my materials, and releasing any preciousness that may be associated with art, my intention is to let go of any preconceived ideas that I may be overthinking and just let myself make. Utilizing instinctual decision making and quick movements, I navigate the canvas as a space to explore various shapes, colors, and textures to point to figuration without explicitly or intentionally displaying anything specific. Figures or recognizable objects may be identified, but are subjective to the viewer. By using loose, fluid, yet strong marks, I fill collage-like compositions, which typically provide for dynamic visual spaces in which the viewer questions what it is they are seeing.  After I am finished painting, I am able to analyze what led to my decisions, and often explore themes of the unconscious, id, ego, and cognition. Via rapid movements and visceral choices, I decipher why I choose certain colors or materials, and what leads to these instinctive choices. This determines the titles of the pieces and may inspire further work.