Jingrou Cheng

Artist Bio

Jingruo Cheng (b. 1996) is an artist from Wuhan, China, currently based in New York.

The Sound of Train_sound diagram, 2020
Printed on paper
17" × 22"

A visual version of the audio piece

The Sound of Train_flyer, 2020
Printed on paper
8.5" × 11"

One version of flyer that was supposed to be placed at 14th st train stations (outside the entryway and inside the station)

The Sound of Train_website, 2020

This project website includes the audio piece and other information online.

Website page

Artist Statement

Jungruo Cheng loves paying attention to ordinary things. Cheng wanders and observes. Daily observation is the biggest part of Cheng’s practice. Documenting what Cheng sees inspires them. Cheng likes recomposing daily objects into new forms and logics. These objects lose their original functions, and become nonsense, but they are created to mean something. This is the poetry of modernist matter. 

The work is not only about the objects themselves but also about what we observe through them and how it reflects on the larger system which is hidden behind our daily life. By indicating the ordinary things, Cheng’s hope is that viewers start to pay more attention to what is happening around them.

Instagram: @chicknchic