Thomas Bohm Jr.

Untitled (Brindle, Brittle), 2018. 39 3⁄4 x 29 3⁄4 in. Oil stick, wax crayon, graphite, spray paint, acrylic, paper, on canvas.

The crafted exit that will remain etched into a surface that obliterates the Brittle amongst us, 2018. 36 x 48 in. Acrylic, house paint, enamel, polycrylic, graphite, charcoal,

SPBR (Monte), 2018. 36 x 48 in. Acrylic, house paint, spray paint, graphite, charcoal, gel medium, interference, tea, on canvas.

Untitled (duck dick tips), 2018. 29 3⁄4 x 40 in. Acrylic, house paint, graphite, spray paint, gel medium, on canvas.

Knit, 2017. 18 x 24 in. Acrylic, house paint, spray paint, graphite, varnish, tea, on canvas.

Untitled, 2017. 18 x 24 in. Acrylic, interference, on canvas.

ntitled, 2018. 8 1⁄2 x 11 in. Ink on paper.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the existing autonomy and containment of energy and movement within my work. The constant battle between proliferating and negating recognizable forms is a way to disrupt my own actions, through the manipulation of materials and their movements. I output permutations of systematic movements and then take some away, resulting in a constant sensation of push and pull. I aim to completely lose any initial register of working within the paintings and let them develop and nourish into an autonomous body. My paintings, drawings, and books deal with non-representational figuration. The works are primarily made in acrylic, enamel, oil stick, spray paint, graphite, studio debris, and wax crayon on stretched canvas. My paintings assert perpetual paradoxes, while also combining the elements of figuration and abstraction. I use figuration to depict my own realm of anthropomorphic characters who live within variations of an idealized studio space. The characters are often performing demeaning, brittle and taboo acts of beastiality, painting, gagging, fisting, sculpting, and voyeuring. Violent and humorous behaviors, combined with the delicate positioning of elements within my works on paper is reflexive of my expressionistic, multimedia paintings.