Paloma Rosenzweig Castillo
Artist Bio

Paloma (b. 1992, Mexico City) obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at ENPEG “La Esmeralda” in 2015 and her MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in 2020. She has participated in group shows in Mexico and in the U.S. such as Phantom Ground, Nos ponemos de acuerdo después, among others. Her most recent project is a narrative and sculpture-based fictional institute called The Relics of the Inadequate.

The Patron Saint of Unspoken Emotions, 2019
White stoneware and celadon glaze
23" × 23" × 8"

The Patron Saint of Tension, 2019
Glazed Porcelain
12" × 47" × 1"

The Patron Saint of Affection, 2019
14" × 10" × 6"

The Patron Saint of Trust, 2019
Beeswax, human hair, silk wool and dog hair
40" × 47" × 8"

The Giant Sadness, 2019
Black Clay
33" × 32" × 30"

The Patron Saint of Worry, 2020
Polymer Clay
20" × 10" × 8"

The Patron Saint of Worry (detail), 2020
Polymer Clay
20" × 10" × 8"

Intestines, 2020
Watercolor on paper
17" × 14"

Tooth, 2020
Watercolor on paper
17" × 14"

Spine, 2020
Watercolor on paper
17" × 14"

Artist Statement

I have heard people say that we are born sick. I do not believe that is true. We are all born perfect and human life makes us sick. I have been exploring the ways in which the notion of  “sickness and cure” is used as a framework of control in schooling, religious and medical institutions and within family structures. I conceived a sculpture-based project to create a setting for my work that is both hypothetical and real and allows me to work within the space of the “other” whilst considering these frameworks of control in dialogue with frameworks of emotion. Death, divinity, bodies, and inadequacy are the main focus in my current practice. These themes have come together in a project called The Relics of the Inadequate which takes the form of a fictional nomadic institute.