Tanwa Supatchapichai

Aroi na ja bok hai 1 (Boiled Cultivated Banana Leaving Earth), 2018

Oil on canvas
60 in x 36 in

Aroi na ja bok hai 2 (Boiled Cultivated in the Sky), 2019

Oil on canvas
48 in x 36 in

Grilled Hukmook Banana, 2019

Oil on canvas
30 in x 24 in

Prosciutto 1, 2018

Oil on canvas
11 in x 3.5 in

Anchan, 2019

Canvas and poly-fil

Introducing PanPan, 2019

Pencil, highlight marker, and tape

Artist Statement

The body of work that I’m currently developing is semi-autobiographical combining real-life experiences with fictional elements. Food is used as symbols for specific feelings representing memories that are surrounding them. Each painting when standing alone is its own scene and when viewed together create a larger narrative. My work is based on the concept of cultural memory, portraying what life used to be like in the past, and accepting the change in the present while hoping for a better future. The world that I depict has a surreal atmosphere where hybrid creatures live in a reality that is dreamlike. Bananas are alive in my work and each type has its own character and a different cooking method. Anchan is a portal that has the ability to access the past, present, and future simultaneously.