Acknowledgements - Parsons Fine Arts


Many individuals at Parsons have had a hand in the success of our students during their time in our program. On behalf of the senior class I would first and foremost like to express my gratitude to all of the extraordinary Fine Arts faculty who have worked closely with the students:

Alexandro Segade, Andrea Ray, Becky Brown, Marc Robinson, Emilie Clark, Ben Brown, Ariel Goldberg, Gordon Hall, LJ Roberts, Johanna Herr, Vishal Jugdeo, Selena Kimball, Ester Partegas, Mira Schor, Anthony Graves, Chelsea Knight, Cristobal Lehyt, Glenn Goldberg, Lan Thao Lam, Heide Fasnacht, Jen Liu, Shane Selzer, Saya Woolfalk, Miggy Buck, Neil Goldberg, Peter Rostovsky, Angel Nevarez, Sammy Cucher, Shoshana Dentz, Rit Premnath, Sharon Butler, Tom Butter, David Mann, Doug Paulson, Kamrooz Aram, Lindsay Benedict, Val Piraino, Tom Pnini, Andrea Geyer, Jim Osman, Lydia Matthews, Rit Premnath and Don Porcaro.

I am also grateful for the continued support from my colleagues, Simone Douglas, MFA Program Director; Anne Gaines, Dean of AMT; Joel Towers, Dean of Parsons; David van Zandt, President of The New School; Kay Unger, Parsons Board President; and Tim Marshall, Provost.

The Class of 2018 would like to express its gratitude to the wonderful Fine Arts office team led by Kate Parvenski and assisted by Lauren, Sarah Grace and Megan, as well as to the entire AMT staff. They also wish to express their thanks to the outstanding Making Center team, in particular to Andrea Distefano, Phoenix Lindsay-Hall, Barb Compagnoni and Hashem Eaddy. And a big shout out to Richard Wade, MFA Photography 2018, who designed and built this website.

 Anthony Aziz, Program Director