Suha Cho

Red 0.1, 2021

Acrylic on silk and canvas bars
36” x 36”

Blue 0.1, 2021

Acrylic on silk and canvas bars
18” x 24”

Living Room Games, 2021

Acrylic on silk and canvas bars
36” x 45”

Greens, 2021

Acrylic on silk and canvas bars
18” x 28”

In The Field, 2021

Acrylic on silk and canvas bars
6” x 6”

Welcome In, 2021

Installation images (Fig 6.1 - 6.7), acrylic paint, silk, wood, nails, molding paste, glue
5 ft x 14 ft

Artist Statement

Working from my identity as a Korean-Canadian woman now living in New York, my practice begins from a place of self-healing and wanting to invite the viewer into my thoughts, emotions and experiences using my own visual language. My practice at its core is an intuitive exploration of a deeply personal visual translation of memories and events through my eyes and perspective. Using my practice as a tool in self expression and processing the events and memories I hold within my own personal archive, my work is a reflection of my lived experiences. Revisiting and choosing images from my archive requires a different selection process based on each project. Experimenting with various mediums and materials such as acrylic paintings, silk paintings and installation, I prioritize the material relationship with the concept of each work or project. Finding new processes or techniques such as layering individual layers of silk are crucial in matching the appropriate process with the right medium and concept. Starting my practice from acrylic canvas paintings, they became a catalyst to move beyond the traditional canvas platform and begin to deconstruct and reimagine the surfaces or materials I paint on. For example, the Family Series – a series of three silk paintings, was created using a layering process in which each layer of silk is individually painted then stretched onto canvas bars. Utilizing the layering allows me to address the distance in regard to the fleeting nature and details of memories and create density in aspects that resonated the most. These connections are core elements in visual translating my ideas and experiences into works and my practice.