Zoë Fitzpatrick Rogers

Artist Bio

Zoe Fitzpatrick Rogers (b.1994, United Kingdom) is a New York City based interdisciplinary artist, working across traditional folk art methodologies and contemporary socio-political infrastructures.

Zoe has recently participated in Artist for Artists Masterclass: Radical Care (2020), and Swarm Artist Residency (2020), and was an Artist in Residence at Birmingham City University (2018-19). She currently works at Social Movements + Innovation Lab at The New School, and will be completing their MFA in Fine Art in 2021 at Parsons School of Design.


8' X 4'
Oil, Pastel, paper, ink jet prints, graphite, wax, steel


2’ x 1’
Wool, Upper Bay water


5” X 8"
Silicone, Upper Bay sediment


8.5" X 11"
Oyster shell, iron oxide, red clay, paper

MAP II (work in progress)

16" X 29"
Ultramarine pigment, paper

Artist Statement

My practice is research-based, using the waters surrounding New York City as a medium, exploring environment, pollution, and separation through ubiquity. I make sculptural and print works, in which I create a rich landscape of colors through handmade pigments, forming a narrative through the use of materiality as a language. I use craft skills from pre-industrial metalwork, engaging folk art traditions in digital mediums using matter ranging from extracted plant dyes to scrap metals. Through researching proximity as intimacy, my work explores transference between material and the body, and physical and psychological borders we place to create distance between the environment and ourselves. I typically approach found objects as a system of knowledge, interrogating systems which have created separation between common resources and ourselves. By deconstructing an already broken material, I open discussion on the possibility of reimagining the future of our personal and collective relationships to materials.