Weston Frazor - Parsons Fine Arts

Pickens, South Carolina, 1987

Installation of "Scans" series. 2016, Ink on Paper, 72" x 108"

"Scan #15221," 2015, Ink on Paper, 22" x 30"

"Scan #48933," 2016, Ink on Paper, 22" x 30"

"Scan #36728," 2016, Ink on Paper, 22" x 30"

"Spacial Survey of Metropolitan Museum of Art," 2016, Ink on Paper, 15" x 10"

"Spacial Survey of Frick Garden Court," 2016, Ink on Paper, 15" x 10"

Artist Statement

Weston Frazor is a painter who’s work engages with perception, art history, physiology and depictions of anatomical study. His current work focuses on physiological structures of recognition deployed to identify and navigate the world to question the viewer’s perception of reality. A grid system overlays depictions of architectural spaces and portraits in order to examine the process of observation. These graphic apparatuses not only define the positions of elements in space, they allude to a potential interconnectivity between objects. The work examines the mechanism of viewing and questions the meaning of such experiences.

Artist Bio

Weston Frazor (b. South Carolina, 1987) is a painter.  He graduated from Anderson University in 2011 with a BA in Fine Arts.  Weston has presented work in multiple exhibitions.  He’s also a decent cook.