Xi Song

More and More - 2018

Breaths Per Minute - 2017

5 Sense Doesn't Make Any Sense - 2016

5 Sense Doesn't Make Any Sense - 2016

Microwave - 2016

Belly Container - 2018

Untitled - 2018

Artist Statement

Working in sculpture, video and 2D, my works ask questions about how I fit in he world, society, my culture and family. I reconstituted and reconfigured myself by creating sculptures using different methods to represent and reproduce myself, like casting myself, calculating myself and measuring myself, etc. The process of making these works allow me to position myself in the world and society by bringing forth questions of identity, fetish, culture and feminism.  The manner in which I convert and translate myself into a sculpture is a progress of producing sameness. Producing sameness includes mass production and a minimizing of personhood. This relates directly to my country background, childhood memories and the current situation in China. Producing sameness through repeating, casting, copy and pasting are ways to reveal and exaggerate the reality. I use the mathematics to calculate my body volume and converting my volume into other material with the same volume, to discuss my identity in the environment. For example, in “Untitled 2“, I converted the volume of my body into a blob like shape, there by representing myself as sculpture or object which shows loneness and fragility. I want to create a dialogue between the viewer and my artworks through the inclusion of, not only a Chinese woman's perspective, but of those in society at large. My works explored the self in material form, and speak of a collective self (of Chinese identity) using common daily supplies, like plastic bath tubs, plastic dolls, lard, plants, etc., and offer a chance for the viewer to touch, see, smell, and feel my works for a truly sensory experience.