Joseph Pastor - Parsons Fine Arts

USA, 1986

"Pastor_Vi"deo1: Nonna Rhino," 2016, Performance

"Index Archive: Casting Project & Performance Workshop," 2016, alginate, plaster, water table

"Wall Unit v7.2"

"Scrubbing," 2015, small bristled cleaning brush, spray bottle, soap, water

"Snapping 004," 2015, desk lamp, metronome, geometric puzzle

"Machine 1604," 2016, pencil, paper, 8.5"x 6.5"

Artist Statement

Joseph Pastor’s work is routed in the exploration of how people interact with objects and each other. That is to say he explores the threshold which makes someone interested to interact with an object, engage it physically and how can this be reinforced or complicated. With training and intensive experience in the design and creation of high end hand crafted objects for production runs or installation, there is an awareness of certain cues that call for people to interact with an object, especially when this object is branded as having additional content within, whether it internal or intellectually implied as a source for access.

Artist Bio

Joseph Pastor’s interest in social dynamics and narratives were fostered from his upbringing at the intersection of Five Towns, the cusp of JFK International Airport’s runway, and the beginning of the arterial highways that flow in and out of the New York City. Earning a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Visual Arts in the Fine Arts and 3D-Design program, with a background in fabrication, production, and an understanding of the complexities of material processes, Pastor’s work manifests within the built environment. His practice explores how narratives can be shared through social interactions, performance, and installation. The work calls for viewers to engage in a task, social agreement, or an experience of witnessing.