Naz Jean


Oil & flashe paint, acrylic gemstones on wood board
29.7in x 0.5in x 42.5in


Oil paint, paint marker, glitter dust, acrylic gemstone, paper and tobacco leaf collage
on wood board
48in x 0.5in 14.5in


Found wood scraps and spray paint
12in x 13in x 23.5in


Oil & acrylic paint, paint marker and paper collage on silky paper
80in x 57in


Sharpie marker, acrylic & oil paint, paint marker and paper collage on recycled
77in x 31in

Artist Statement

When I am creating, all acknowledgment of objects outside of my body melt away. What remains is a vessel of creativity and light; my physical form, and the extension proposed by the implement and canvas I so choose. Because of this, I am able to enter a meditative state while making. The images I conceive are products of the trance, able to transcend the language barrier of that other dimension and our reality. My work and I become celestial bodies, floating in the space of my studio (which reflects the space of my mind). I am a God in this sense, conducting different occurrences with my own two hands in the universe I’ve created. My actions are God-like in the way that they have domino effects, rippling throughout the works I make in the future and amalgamating to compile a language of images of which I can choose to convey my ideas through. My universe becomes my visual language. Since the remedial idealization of a God makes her out to be a puppet master, I assume this role through assigning my symbols as different aspects of my artworks. I maintain the ability to transform their definitions and pronunciations through my rendition–in my realm, I hold the highest power. Since the conscious idealization of a God makes her out to be a reflection of all that is around her, I assume this role through the conscious hand in which I create my works with. I am aware of the imperfections, I am aware of the connections, and I choose to communicate those through my visual decisions.