Mihika Narendra Shah

Artist Bio

Mihika Shah is an Indian artist currently based in New York where she is pursuing her career as an artist and curator.

2017 MFA Fine Art Thesis Walkthrough- Mihika Narendra Shah from Parsons Art, Media & Technology on Vimeo.

Forever, 2017, Black paper pulp, 30 x 30 inches

Forever (close-up), 2017, Black paper pulp, 30 x 30 inches

Mihika Shah, Forever, Plaster, clay, clam shells, variable sizes

Mihika Shah, Untitled, 2017, Paper, needle and thread, 75 x 75 inches

Artist Statement

My work deals with concepts of fragility, loss of control, balance, materiality and impermanence. I use cotton and silk thread and hand-made paper to communicate my vision. The use of thread to sew paper and the juxtaposition of different natural found objects evokes a feeling of disagreement and discussion between the materials. I intend to build a balance  contrasts through clumsiness and sensitivity that reveals both a moment frozen in time and the time-consuming effort. The slowness of working with the hand corresponds to the creative process at a subconscious level. My recent project includes working with processed paper pulp to make shells that demonstrates the role of chance and loss of control that takes place while engaging with the material and its form. It revolves around understanding the concept of fragility through the lens of simultaneous vulnerability and strength. My work also engages the natural world as I use nature as a material/medium to explore my interest in sculpture, aging and decay. Understanding these forces of nature can be as terrifying as it is gratifying and through my work I question how we perceive life. The work forces the viewer to slow down and observe beauty in the mundane, dead and decaying objects.