Nathaniel Leshem

Artist Statement

Just as music does, this body of work shows unseen vibrations
within the world. When experiencing these paintings, I act as a
medium for the limitless potential contained within the blank
canvas, allowing each painting to take on a life of its own. The
finished product will attempt to immerse the viewer within a
constructed environment built from an abstract language. I want to momentarily bring the viewer out of this dimension and into another where color and form create a visual rhythm.

Each painting is born from a single idea. Once this idea or goal is conceived, I must access a meditative, prayer-like state, to allow it to exist unbothered by my own personal ego, sense of pride or judgment. It is a religious experience to make these works and hopefully a cleansing experience for the viewer.
Ultimately, this process outlines, describes, and mimics the
cycle of birth to death as well as dissects the fabric of reality,
attempting to explore the physical world in a way that extends
beyond what the eye can see.