Morrison Gong

Eros Diary (2016)

HD video, sound, color, 0:57 min excerpt
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Banquet (2017)

HD video, sound, color, 01:36 min excerpt
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Festal Flutter (2018)

16mm film to HD video, sound, color,
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Immoral Tales 哪吒鬧海 (2018)

Expanded cinema performance (16mm film, Super 8mm film, 35mm slides, digital video), 3 min excerpt
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The Phoenix Lament 百鸟朝凤 (2019)

Expanded Cinema Performance (16mm film, digital video, overhead projection, fog machine), 0:45 min excerpt
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Lust / Encounter 情/事 (2018-ongoing)

Dimension Variable

10 Ephemeral Actions (2019)

16mm to HD video, sound, color, 7-10 minutes (work-in-progress)

Artist Statement

I’m interested in ritual, trauma, sexuality and transgression of cultural traditions. I use bodies,

food, and found debris as my materials. My films and performances dissect eroticism and

repressed desire for connection and intimacy. By narrating to, projecting on, and interacting with the audience, I re-imagine my journey of challenging cultural taboos against sexuality.


Sex and food are two major themes in my films. Being born and raised in China, I am an anxious foreigner in the United States. I try to find comfort in my half-Chinese lover because we share ancestry; however, I found myself lost in translation. My films compare photographs and scans of my lover’s body with images of food, bones and butterfly wings. Sex and consumption satisfy us, but leave us with anxiety, disarray and hollowness. The multiple voices that read my sex diary expose my vulnerability but also appear vulnerable by being a part of a collaged story.


My performances deal with exposure, viscerality and transformation, through re-interpreting

literature and mythology with movements, cinematic and spoken languages. My interest lies in

investigating the duality of injury and reconciliation, freedom and captivity in cultural and

personal narratives. The common element of my works is reproducing the heightened emotional states from bodily experience. I create immersive and speculative spaces by manipulating light, shadow, and projection, as well as confronting the camera apparatus with my body.