Yining Zhang


Artist Statement

I created an installation that includes three sculptures to reimagine and redefine fear. With each new creation, I embark on the journey of turning my fear into imaginary monsters that stem from the warped perceptions often accompanying depression and anxiety. Every monster captures a part of my dread, making it possible to create a concrete image that is both uniquely mine and yet part of a collective consciousness. To give these creatures cuteness and whims was a conscious attempt to make terror more accessible and controllable by easing its edges. A visual metaphor for the transformational process of confronting and overcoming emotional obstacles is created by the interaction between cuteness and dread. These creatures become harmless, which offers a unique perspective on managing fear and the emotional challenges that accompany it. The most noticeable and most repeated element in my work is the eye. This element is so important in my work because I have a constant fear of being watched. The fear instilled during childhood of not knowing when I was being watched has persisted into my adulthood, becoming an ever-present anxiety that prevents me from feeling free or escaping this pervasive sense of surveillance.

Artist Bio

Yining Zhang is an introspective artist whose creations serve as a profound lens into the intricate and often tumultuous landscapes of depression and anxiety. Born 1998 in China, Yining Zhang received her Bachelor’s degree in Art Studio at the University of California, Davis. Zhang has had several group shows: Myein in Hangzhou, China, All Living Gods in Hangzhou, and Kerry Organic & Art Festival in Hangzhou. Yining is currently an MFA candidate at Parsons the New School for Design and will have an upcoming thesis exhibition in New York City in 2024.