Elisabed Khiskiadze

Artist Statement

My artwork is focused on oil painting. I heavily base my paintings off my experiences and emotions. Paint can be handles in so many ways. A thick piece of paint on a surface
just drives my mind off to how else I can recreate this piece. It makes me change my mind from what I was originally going for and gives me more ideas. I love to mix texture
along with smooth parts of a painting. I want to see my hand in a painting and let the viewer know how I did this specific part in a piece.

All my paintings are what I would look at as my reflection. I have never painted my-self in my paintings. I feel as if it gives away too much identity. In a way I feel as if I am wasting my time If I am painting myself…I don’t know why honestly I think this way. Digging into my psyche, I came to the conclusion that I paint other people instead of me
to hide my identity from the close people in my life. My paintings are my diary, and I don’t want to expose myself. Every time someone close to me asks about my paintings, I get very private and don`t give more than a sentence explanation. I find it more comfort-able to share what the art is about to viewers I don’t know.